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Horizontal drilling systems are nowadays widely used for installing pressure pipes under Major obstacles such a motorway intersection, large rivers and airport runways. A small rotating and steerable drill bit is launched from the surface at an angle 10-15 and is used to drill 90mm mud filled diameter hole.

During the drilling operation a 125mm diameter wash over pipe is drilled over the pilot string and following some 100mm behind the head. Alternate drilling then continues on the pilot string is removed and the bore is enlarged by a rotating barrel reamer attached to and pulled back by the wash over pipe, drilling mud being used to flushed away the cuttings and to support the reamed hole.

Subsequent continues until the required diameter is achieved. The product pipe is less than attached to the reaming head and pulled through the bore drives of more than 1.5km and of up to 1600mm diameter have been carried out.


Pipe jacking is a technique used to form mostly small diameter tunnels by pushing prefabricated pipes through the ground from a starting shaft to an exit shaft. In this method, excavation, which was performed with conventional techniques in the past, is performed by using slurry type machines, so that the environmental damages such as lowering of the underground water level are prevented. In highly populated cities which have intensive infrastructure and heavy traffic flow, construction works can be carried out by this method without disruption.


Auger boring is among the critical pieces to the puzzle of infrastructure expansion. As more and more utilities move underground, the need for equipment that maximizes the available space grows. For sewer and water pipe projects, auger boring is a precise method for installation. Auger boring can be a valuable endeavor for a contractor, but adherence to responsible and accurate operation is crucial.

Auger boring is a technique that removes the soil and installs a pipe or casing so you don’t have any road upheaval or soil subsidence. Auger boring is ideal for pipe up to 60 in. in diameter and bores up to 600 ft long.

The benefit of auger boring is we are starting from an entry pit and boring to an exit pit — point to point. With HDD you have a lead-in where you have to start to get down to the level you want to be at, and again when you exit; thus, you are installing a lot more pipe and taking a lot more time than needed.


About Trenchless Technology (HDD)